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From time to time, many independent business operators encounter situations that are difficult to handle. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help if you feel you might be in "uncharted waters."

That is why CommonSense Marketing was established - to support independent businesses with a range of practical solutions to all kinds of problems. My focus usually starts at the "front end" of the business - your customers, because that's where your money comes from.

Experience is Critical.

I have experience as a general manager in a variety of interesting business situations, including international experience. I have an extensive background in sales and marketing management along with over 20 years of operating two different businesses. I haven't "seen it all" (nobody has) but I've experienced a lot. As a result, I have developed an appreciation for how any solutions have to be well thought-out, fit into the business so that it can run smoothly and profitably, and above all, accomplish what you want to get done.

Costs are Important.

As a small business owner, I am aware of budget limitations in a typical independent business. We strive to keep our proposals in line with reality. We do not charge by the hour but rather, by the value that the work should add to the business. I can provide tools and support, but only you can make the results happen.

If you think you might require some outside help but are not sure about how or where to get it, please feel free to contact me. After a (no charge) preliminary discussion to understand the situation, you can decide if I could add value to your business. If so, I would then submit a written proposal to you. Any information exchanged is always done in the strictest of confidence.

Lloyd McTaggart
  • Resume submitted with proposal
  • If requested, confidential references made available only with client's agreement.
  • We do not discuss any information regarding work done for other clients.


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