If you think you might need some consultation or help but are not quite sure what to do about it, Business Coaching might be worth considering.

Coaching is different than consulting.

I do both. Generally speaking, consultants come in to identify problems and to provide specific solutions. Coaches work alongside business owners, asking tough questions to find clarity and focus and guiding them toward discovering solutions on their own.

How It Works

We would start with a preliminary discussion to determine if I can help you and if you would want me to do the job. If we agree to proceed, we would establish a schedule of visits to assess the problem(s), recommend actions, and conduct the necessary follow-ups. A brief report would be submitted after each visit.

Your Are Never "Locked In"

When you reach the point where you feel your situation is under control, you simply advise me that the job is complete. Or, you can elect to continue the visits on a less frequent basis if you think it would help to keep things on track.

It is always YOUR call - You should always get the best value for your money.

Sound Worthwhile?

If think this could benefit your business, I encourage you to contact me.
A confidential preliminary discussion is always no-obligation/no charge.

Credentials & References

In this type of business relationship, you should want to know who you're dealing with. As part of the qualifying process, I can supply you with a resume which outlines my work background. My experience includes sales, sales management, marketing management, and general management in Canadian and International settings. I have worked in two large corporations and my own independent businesses.

References arranged upon request.