The Single Entrepreneur

A single independent business operator ("one-person show") has a very difficult job, make no mistake about it. Depending on the type of business, he/she might have to be the boss, the janitor, the accountant, the business planner, the salesperson, the inventory manager, the risk management expert, the advertising director, the production manager, the administrator, the human resources expert, and much more. In larger companies, these functions are handled by various specialists in different departments. They all ultimately report to the general manager.

In your business, YOU are the general manager.

There is an old adage that states “The smartest person in the world is the one that understands what he/she doesn't know.” If you apply that to independent business, it means that one person cannot possibly be an expert at everything, so the most successful ones seek help from specialists. Which brings to mind one more saying, “You can delegate the task, but not the responsibility.” The business owner/operator is still responsible for the final results no matter who helped along the way.

All too often, an independent business owner will tend to focus on a few areas where he/she feels most comfortable, thus leaving the other areas somewhat to chance. This can result in an unbalanced approach to the business and it will cause problems in the results.

It is easy to lose sight of where you're going when you're up to your behind in alligators! If you keep your eye on the goal – To satisfy customer needs, at a profit – you will go a long way toward enjoying better business results.