Selling, Pure & Simple.

A one-day Training Seminar on

Sales is the part of the marketing process where you "go live." It's where the transaction between supplier and customer is consummated and the product/service is exchanged for money.

Many training efforts focus on product training and that makes sense, because you have to understand a product before you can sell it.

The Rubber Meets the Road...Here.

We focus on the interaction between the salesperson and the customer. These are professional selling techniques that work. No trickery, no flim-flam, and certainly no "canned" speeches - just effective conversational methods that will enable you to talk sensibly with customers, again and again.

Effective selling skills will work effectively with any product or service.

Time is Money - Don't Waste it.

Professional selling skills can remove the awkwardness of talking with a customer. Even "small talk" can be become productive (shorter) for both the seller and the buyer if you know how to steer it toward the point, politely. Conversational (sales) skills can be very helpful when applied to all kinds of situations, including negotiations. In this age of texting and tweeting, it can be a big boost for anyone to learn how to add structure to a conversation and come out of it with a good result for everyone involved.

If you think you or your employees could benefit from this course, please send us an email.

Selling, Pure & Simple.

Professional Selling Skills

The Seminar

This one-day training seminar teaches people the fundamental skills of selling. It consists of classroom training followed by role plays which allow each participant a chance to put their skills to work in very realistic buyer and seller situations.

The Participants

The course is intended for people involved in direct customer contact situations but who may have had little or no formal training on selling skills.

It is most useful for anyone in a selling or customer service function with an adequate working knowledge of their products or services. The skills are applicable to consumer/retail, commercial, or industrial situations.

Input & Outcome

A participant should bring a willingness to improve their performance in sales and interactions with customers.

The participants will come away understanding how to handle any customer situation with confidence.
  • Course length: One day (about 7 hours)
  • Class Size: Maximum 12
  • Training Manuals supplied
  • Lunch & Coffee/Snack breaks

100 Mile House, Oct. 2014:  Back row, L to R: Monika Paterson, Ashley O'Connor, Sandra Keirn.  Front row, L to R: Cindy Marinus, Leslie Glen, Lynda Diamond

Some feedback/comments from participants in the Professional Selling Skills training seminar

"I loved it! It really helped me with my listening skills. It was a real eye-opener!"
- Sandra K., 100 Mile House, BC

Wow! What a fantastic tool for any business to enhance their products and services. This course enabled me to have a clear purpose when entering into a sales presentation, and took the fear out of the equation and replaced it with fun. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their revenues.
- Leslie G., 100 Mile House, BC

"The course was a strong learning tool that helped me speak more fluently and react with appropriate questions or answers to solve a customers want or need.

It gave me a better outlook on how I should approach sales, more relaxed and eager to fufill the customer's need and expand on that, rather than simply push products.

I grew as a person and as a person in business. The course gave me a tremendous amount of confidence and twice the drive I had before, to get out there and be successful!"

- Ashley O., 100 Mile House, BC

"I had the opportunity to take Lloyd’s course, “Professional Sales Skills Seminar” in October 2014. I have to say I was very surprised as to how much I enjoyed it and how valuable those 8 hours have become to me! At first I was skeptical as I envisioned “slick and polished selling techniques” which feel 'unauthentic' to me.

However, it was absolutely the complete opposite. Lloyd has a very unassuming nature, is professional and has a wealth of information and practical selling techniques and knowledge that he imparts easily and in a manner that was very easy to comprehend. We all came from different backgrounds with varying degrees of sales experience which worked to the benefit of all involved in the course - everyone felt at ease and the tone was set for a fun, safe environment in which to learn and practice the techniques presented throughout the course.

Since taking the seminar, I am very aware of how effective selling is “missing” in most sales transactions that I have observed in my daily encounters with clerks and sales people in general. I am very excited to practice my newly learned skills during my upcoming season. When can we take part 2?!!

I highly recommend this seminar to both new sales people and seasoned pros. Thanks for a great day Lloyd!"

- Lynda D., Vancouver Island, BC

"I recently had the opportunity to participate in Professional Selling Skills presented by Mr. Lloyd McTaggart. I had imagined it would be a long dry day, but was pleasantly surprised when I found it enjoyable.

Mr. McTaggart is relaxed and down to earth while instructing and this helps to make everyone comfortable. Even the role plays, which normally terrify me, became fun. I have never had the opportunity to learn and laugh at the same time.

I would recommend the Professional Selling Skills course offered by Mr. McTaggart to anyone in business. The core concept he teaches would be beneficial to anyone in sales, as well as life."

- Cindy M., 100 Mile House, BC

I had no Idea how to speak to potential clients. Learned some great communication skills, and got to address my weaknesses by using my new skills in the "real world" during the role plays. I now have a much easier time expressing thoughts as my business is very creatively challenging."
- Sheree H., 100 Mile House, BC